Judgement day


Forgive my poor attempt at a nuclear bomb. I couldn’t find a royalty free substitute. but anyways…

More often than not I catch myself naturally judging another person based on what I perceive to be their ultimate motive. I get mad at something not yet born. An eventuality I can only assume. That is that all choices, good or bad, are somehow leading to the selfish desire of their hearts. 

Let’s think on that logic. Who knows the desires of ones heart? sound familiar? Do I? No, not really. I can’t even say for sure what the desires of my own heart is, let alone my wife’s, family’s, friend’s or stranger’s. There is one person who knows the desires of the heart, whom I constantly neglect to enquire of when casting judgement on others. “man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart”. No matter how hard we try, even if we were able to read another’s mind, we are only ever reading thus perceiving and taking educated guesses upon the heart, not knowing.

Therefore who are we to make ANY absolute statement on what drives a person to do the things they do. What good is it to assume the worst of people when that only makes us point the finger outwards instead of recognising and admitting what is flawed within ourselves. Instead assuming the worst in others leads to self righteousness. it causes us to think highly of ourselves as “better off” than others. If love keeps no records of wrong, then why don’t we – who bare love – seek to see good in others? always!

If Christ who died for their sins refuses to keep record of what we have done, past, present and future, then who am I to count something I can’t event see yet against others?! lest we become the centre of ridicule for others to point out our flaws. I think Jesus was merely pointing out an obvious fact in Matthew 7:1 – “Do not judge, or you too will be judged”. That’s right: you too will know what it feels like to have the worst assumed of you when you’re always bearing down on the failures of others.

So next time you cringe at another persons life, Take the chance to look at your own life. I know I’ve been overly judgemental over the past few weeks to people that i care about the most and it’s not working out for me very well. A little optimism goes along way. It may even go as far as pushing others towards goodness.


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