A Noble Woman

I’m reading through proverbs 31, most notably the part about the “Wife of noble character”. One of the main messages i receive from this passage is that a good wife is not lazy. She considers all her options, she works from dawn to dusk and is successful because she is consistent and faithful at what she does. From what i hear, this passage is sometime analogous to The Church of Christ as we are the bride of Christ. The Wife cares for her household, those serving in the house and extends her resource out to the poor and needy, just as the Church should. In the start of the chapter, in the sayings of King Lemuel, his mother warns him not to waste time with women who will bring you to ruin. The chapter ends with a remark about charm and beauty being carnal, but a woman who fears the lord is to be praised. as the church, being carnal will delay the progress of the kingdom of God but a healthy fear of the lord can see provision and honour bestowed upon the house of God.


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